We are incredibly excited to now be partnered with The Bike Shed, Barnstaple.
We will be fitting exclusively in their purpose-built studio, with access to their excellent range of components, accessories and of course, bikes.
Along with the on-site workshop facilities and wonderful cafe, it makes it the perfect location to offer our bike fit services.


Full Fit

The Full Fit

Here we combine the cornerstones of body positioning and foot correction for the ultimate fit.

It is for anyone riding in any discipline at any level looking to improve their comfort, efficiency, power, and particularly for anyone who is suffering from a cycling-related injury.

~4 hours


Body Positioning for ride fit

The Full Fit - TT

Our Full Fit but for racing cyclists and triathletes looking to get the most from their TT bikes.

As our Full Fit but with emphasis on aero positioning in balance with maximum power output.

The added complexity of tri-bars and exploring your position, means this can take a little longer than other bike types.

~5+ hours


Foot Correction

Cleat setup

The feet and cleat/pedal interface are essential for a good bike fit.

Whether it’s a new pair of shoes , new pedal system or just replacing worn cleats, we can make sure it’s done quickly and accurately. 

~1 hour


If you’re not sure what you need, have questions about the process or have have any special requirements, then please don’t hesitate to Get in touch.


Cyclists typically spend hours in the saddle each week, whether it’s in pursuit of competition, fitness, or simple enjoyment. All that time in one position carrying out a highly repetitive task can lead to discomfort, or worse still, overuse injuries.

The bicycle is a wonderful invention, but it does lock the body into an unnaturally rigid framework. Through bike fit, we aim to adjust the bike and position the body to provide a natural and stable position, maximising comfort and minimising stress.

This reduces the chance of injury and for most riders has the wonderful side-effects of greater efficiency and higher performance.

In short, you can ride for longer, go faster and spend less time off the bike injured – all for less than the cost of a carbon fibre handlebar! It truly is the best upgrade you can make to your cycling.

Professional Ride Fitting
Professional Ride Fitting


Mark is a long-time cycling obsessive. Sometimes riding in competition but mostly for fun and the wonderful physical and mental benefits that cycling brings.

Since having his own position looked at by a professional fitter nearly a decade ago and experiencing first-hand the benefits it brings, he has become a bike fit evangelist.

Subsequently, he has been trained by one of the foremost bike fit authorities in the country and has developed his own results-driven fitting methodology.

Mark - Bike Fit Specialist


The most important thing to us, is you and making your cycling experience as pleasurable as possible.

Every person swinging their leg over a bike is different. Height, weight, proportions, asymmetry, flexibility, injuries, medical conditions – all have an effect on your on-bike comfort and performance that cannot be predicted by algorithm or rule of thumb.

We pride ourselves on treating you as a one-off. First we listen, and then rely on an experienced eye and simple tools to find your best position.

Ride Fit
Professional Ride Fit

A full fit typically takes 4 hours, but if we need longer so be it. The priority is the best end result.

With any change on the bike there is always a period of adaption and it may be that there needs to be additional work done on your position once that adaption has taken place. If you feel that is the case or you have any issues as a result of the fit, we welcome you back for a further appointment, free of charge, within 3 months of your original fit.